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We make delicious coffee. It's delicious because it's roasted in small batches right when you order it. It comes from single-origin, fair-practice farms, but that's not all it is!


Because we're passionate about Courageous Living, we donate a portion of every bag bought to youth missions and discipleship, home and abroad. Let's go on an adventure!

To learn more about our where we roast, what else we're passionate about, and how we teach courageous living, keep scrolling!

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Our Coffee

Our coffee fuels our day and our work. We roast it when you order it, so it's coming to you in the prime of its flavor instead of sitting on a shelf. 

Order a bag at a time or try a subscription (we wouldn't want you to run out)!

Where We Work

Our team consists of coffee and camp professionals. Each fuels the other. We serve teens and youth ministries in north-western Wisconsin and Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN at a small camp called Wood Lake. To read more about Wood Lake and what we do, click the button below!


We roast coffee, but we're so much more! Our staff run camp for teens and youth ministries, and our founder, dAN, is a professional worship leader and youth speaker in the Christian faith (as well as a professional coffee drinker). Interested in a booking dAN? Click below.

Our Story

Founded in 2021, the story goes back even further. If you've come this far, you may want to see how deep this rabbit hole goes. Story grounded in belief leads to mission which leads to practice.

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