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Every cup of Honduras tells of a starving nation.

Perpetual "climate shocks" leave crops and homes in complete disaray, often without time to recoup what was lost. 1 of 3 Hondurans are starving for food and hope. When you support ministry in Honduras, you point to the Bread of Life and Living Water that brings life. (The ministries we support are also providing physical food and water to at-risk teens... FYI.)


Single Origin Honduras is a delicious dessert or evening coffee, and if that feels like extravagance in a world where people are starving. It is! Pray for our brothers and sisters in Honduras as you drink this excellent coffee. Honduras tastes best as a medium/dark roast. Roasted fresh, you smell hints of vanilla or chocolate-covered rasberries. (It's also beautiful while roasting.)

Single Origin Honduras

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